UPWIND 50 ECO catamaran



Sailing equipment

On board the UPWIND 50 ECO catamaran, you can expect to find a variety of sailing equipment to help you navigate the waters and enjoy your cabin charter sailing vacations in Croatia. The hulls are only 130 cm wide, allowing excellent hydrodynamic properties. With an exceptionally aerodynamic “stealth” shape of the whole catamaran hull and centreboards, the UPWIND 50 ECO catamaran is able to achieve significantly higher upwind ( close to 30 degrees ) sailing performance and speeds than competitive charter catamarans.

The UPWIND 50 ECO has two centreboards, which are 180 x 85 cm in size and allow for better use of wind and higher sailing speeds. This gives the UPWIND 50 ECO superior maritime characteristics compared to competing catamarans, which do not typically have centerboards.

The mast is 21.85 meters tall and has a special design that allows for unobstructed airflow to the main sail, resulting in increased efficiency. The main sail has an area of 89 square meters ( full batten ), the furling genoa has an area of 86 square meters and the furling asymmetrical spinnaker has an area of 190 square meters with all sails adjusted for “solo sailing”. 3 high-end Pontos – 4 speed winches, that are increasingly used on racing sailboats, allow the skipper to easily control the sails.