UPWIND 50 ECO catamaran


Hire a boat with one of the lowest carbon footprint in the yacht charter market and enjoy the benefits of a sustainable holidays

Eco - friendly catamaran

By using the ECO energy solutions, at the UPWIND 50 ECO, the quality of cabin charter accommodation for guests / crew has been raised to a significantly higher level.

The roof is equipped with solar panels from Sun Power Marine that are 3 mm thick and capable of generating 1 kW of electricity per hour. In addition to the solar panels, the yacht also generates electricity through a combination of  a 3 KW generator and the alternators ( 200 A ) of the Volvo engines. The generated or collected electricity is stored in Lithium batteries with a total capacity of 1200 Ah.

Sanitary water is heated by solar power but on colder days the water can be heated with built-in heaters.

As a result, these solutions allow the outright, stand-alone and ecological operation of all electrical systems to cater the needs of the crew and ship providing an exceptional level of comfort for all those on board.

Eco - friendly

The UPWIND 50 ECO catamaran

Ecological solutions give the catamaran complete independence from electricity and water supply ( 50 lit/h water-maker ) in marinas and guests can choose whether to use expensive and crowded marinas or not.

Volvo engines with Saildrive propulsyon system meet the most stringent envromental legislation – US EPA Tier 3. The particular emissions are reduced by 50% and cruising fuel consumption is low.

By virtue of all these features, the UPWIND 50 ECO is an extraordinarily eco-friendly catamaran with one of the lowest carbon footprints on the yacht charter market today.