UPWIND 50 ECO catamaran


The existing production of sailing catamarans, made for charter industry or private buyers alike, is based on concept, design, and base models developed 35-40 years ago. Also, existing catamaran manufacturers use environmentally hazardous fiberglass / polymer materials for production, which is not recyclable, so monohuls and catamarans end up as waste in ships’ graveyards (graveyard image) and nobody knows how to solve this environmental problem.

The aluminum «UPWIND 50 ECO» catamaran has a lifespan of over 80 years and hull can be 100% recycled. Charter clients or private buyers of boats / catamarans require more eco-friendly standards, which are very difficult or impossible to achieve with the current constructions materials, used by other manufacturers.

The UPWIND 50 ECO catamaran was constructed and built in Croatian shipyard specialized in the production of aluminium boats, with oversight  from the CROATIAN REGISTER OF SHIPPING ( CRS ), a government agency that is member of the International Association of Classification Societies ( IACS ). The project received support from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the “Competitivness and Cohesion” operational program within the “Inovations and Development” initiative.